Daniel Bryan’s SportsCenter Interview Revealed Some Scary Facts About His Brain Health

If you want a reason to feel a little better about former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan having to step away from pro wrestling at only 34 years old, let his SportsCenter interview with Jonathan Coachman help.

In the interview, Bryan talks about how he’s had 10 documented concussions, and how that can’t even be an accurate number. He doesn’t know exactly how to define a concussion and there was no way to document everything that could’ve concussed him in 16 years of wrestling, so who the hell knows? That’s terrifying, isn’t it? Bryan also goes into all the post-concussion seizing he’s been dealing with and trying to keep quiet, and how recent tests uncovered swelling and a lesion on his brain. When the man said, “Maybe my brain wasn’t as okay as I thought it was,” he means it.

The appearance isn’t all scary conversations about brains, though, so don’t worry. Bryan talks about what he wants to do next (he wants to help people), what he’ll miss most (the people), and his favorite moments from his WWE career (the Seattle Raw hijack he mentioned on Monday).

Let’s all agree that if we don’t get Daniel Bryan wrestling anymore, he stops by every few months to remind us how happy and healthy he is. I’d be okay with that.

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