It Sure Sounds Like Daniel Bryan Intends To Wrestle Again … Somewhere

Senior Editor, Sports
06.22.17 4 Comments


We’ve known since even before he announced his retirement that there’s nothing in the world Daniel Bryan wants to do more than wrestle again. He’s been on record for some time as saying it’s the only thing he is ever interested in doing. He’s also made it fairly transparent that his current role as Smackdown Live general manager is just a way of playing out the string of his current WWE contract, and intimated that when his deal is up next year, he’ll be in the wind if WWE still won’t clear him to wrestle.

Bryan even demonstrated on Total Bellas that he was working on developing an all-new in-ring style that minimized the bumps and risks he would take. And it looked pretty damn awesome, even if it did bring to mind Beast from the X-Men.

Anyway, Bryan told Sports Illustrated pretty much what he’s been telling the Miz on Talking Smack: he’s preparing for a return to the ring, and he’s going to do everything in his power to make that happen.

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