Daniel Bryan Competed In A Weightlifting Competition And Won A Sweet Samurai Sword


Is Daniel Bryan staying in shape since his retirement? Yes. Is his ability to win at everything he does further proof that he’s the GOAT? Yes. Will I ever stop giggling when lifters talk about their “snatch”? Haha nope.

Over the weekend, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan competed in his very first Olympic lifting competition. True to form (something very important in competitions like this), D-Bry did really, really well.

Hell yeah, check out that snatch!

Alright, so maybe he wasn’t pitch perfect on all of his attempts, but damn, way to get it in, Bryan. Despite that “moral victory,” he still walked away with a pretty sweet prize:

It’s great to see that he’s still able to do something physically competitive after stepping out of the ring, even if he may be returning to the squared circle soon, but in a different capacity. And hey, even if he changes his mind, may we humbly suggest turning “The Grappling Gardner” into its own HGTV weekly show?

I would watch the absolute sh*t out of that. And, you know, any excuse to say the words “Hey, man, nice bush” without getting in trouble with the bosses.