Don’t Worry, Daniel Bryan Is Just As Frustrated As You Are That He’s Not Allowed To Wrestle

Great news, everyone! Daniel Bryan’s book tour means loads of press interviews, and if there’s one person who’s as enjoyable outside of the ring as he is in it, it’s Daniel Bryan. The other great news? He’s totally fine. First, there was this:

Now, as he makes his rounds on the interview circuit, Bryan is elaborating. First up, while on CBS’s Boomer & Carton, Bryan admitted that he’s been medically cleared to wrestle, but not cleared by WWE. Because of the concussions he sustained in April, WWE is reticent to let him step back into the ring, as they don’t want to be liable should he suffer another. But he’s “itching” to get back in the ring.

When asked when he thinks he’ll be allowed back, Bryan told Fox Sports:

I feel great. And it’s just a matter of getting cleared by doctors. Their whole clearance process is more difficult than people would think. That’s the biggest issue. I will wrestle again. But it’ll be interesting to see when.

It’s kind of in the hands of certain doctors, as far as them clearing me and what not. My goal was to be back by SummerSlam, and that’s looking less and less likely, and so then you’re hoping to be back by Royal Rumble.

Bryan went on to say that when it comes to getting back into the ring after a serious injury, “I have no hesitation.”

As much as I’m the first person to insist that we wrap Daniel Bryan and his fragile porcelain bones in bubble wrap and down-alternative pillows, can we uhh… can we get a move on with the wrestling again? It’d be really, really nice to have him back.