Jim Ross Has His Own Take On Whether Daniel Bryan Will Wrestle Again

Daniel Bryan has been trolling the hell out of everyone for a while now. He’s been indicating that he intends to wrestle come hell or high water when his current WWE contract is up in 2018, and that he might be willing to walk away from any sort of on-air role or non-wrestling contract with WWE if it means he can actually wrestle somewhere else. (He would certainly have no shortage of suitors who would love to be able to book a Bryan Danielson match or several.)

Bryan’s latest blatant trolling came over the weekend, when he joked about wanting to wrestle Cody Rhodes for Cody’s newly-won Ring of Honor World Championship. (Yeah, you read that right.)

Both Cody and Bryan acknowledged it was just good-natured joking, but Cody also said he’d be up for that match if it became a possibility. It’s incredibly hard to tell how sincere Bryan is about his intent to return to the ring when his current deal is up, but he suuuuure is talking about it a lot!

For a different perspective, Jim Ross (as he tends to do, and as is always welcome) offered his own take on the situation over in his latest blog post.

“Seems as if Daniel Bryan is having some fun trolling social media as he teases a return to the ring which I seriously doubt will or should ever happen. If his existing medical condition put DB in a higher risk category, then he needs to be the responsible husband and father and refrain from lacing up his boots again. Don’t get me wrong, if DB could safely resume his career I’d be all for it as he is one of the great talents in recent memory.”

Well, that’s certainly the soberest take we’ve seen on the situation, and you can always count on J.R. to shoot from the hip. We can’t really add anything to J.R.’s comments, other than, “everybody please be safe and smart!”