Daniel Bryan Believes WWE Needs A Change In Presentation

06.20.17 10 months ago 20 Comments


Smackdown Live’s current general manager, Daniel Bryan, has been taking some vital paternity leave, but he’s set to return on Tuesday night. (Where he’ll make a decision-slash-announcement regarding the controversial women’s Money in the Bank match, which I expect will just be one big, exaggerated shrug.)

But thankfully, he hasn’t stopped being outspoken about the WWE product in the meantime.

Although Smackdown Live has touted itself as “the land of opportunity,” it still has a long way to go before it stops being “Raw, also.” Bryan believes that the entire presentation of WWE Superstars needs to change, because people need to care more about the characters and wrestlers beyond what we see in the ring. Hey, kind of like what NXT has always done, which is why NXT fans like that show more. He explained during an interview with NBC Sports:

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