Daniel Bryan’s 5-Hour Energy Ad Will Help Power You Through The Scary News About His Health

Things aren’t going so well for Daniel Bryan. He was sent home from the recent European tour, pulled from his match at Extreme Rules and word is he’s going to be out for at least a month. Being afraid for the poor, taped-together body of a favorite wrestler can be draining, so here’s a mental boost, courtesy of a new ad for 5-Hour Energy.

In contrast to how he’s usually portrayed on WWE TV, the Daniel Bryan of this ad is master of the gym, blasting through the kind of weights you usually only see John Cena or Mark Henry lifting. Also, they found the world’s tiniest man to ask Bryan for his 5-Hour Energy at the end of the commercial. This little fella makes Bryan look like Kane.

Can we get whoever produced this ad working for WWE? They clearly understand how to make somebody look good better than anybody currently working for the company.