Daniel Bryan Recounts The Time His ‘Entire’ Genitals Fell Out During A Match

Eva Marie continued her streak of actively avoiding matches on Smackdown Tuesday night, this time by creatively faking a wardrobe malfunction and running to the back. With Daniel Bryan out of in-ring action hopefully not forever (but sadly probably forever), Eva’s making a serious play to be the new GOAT of WWE.

Eva Marie’s unfortunate and totally and completely unplanned incident with her gear caused the actual GOAT and current Smackdown GM to reminisce fondly on his own wardrobe malfunction later that night on Talkin’ Smack with co-host Renee Young:

Bryan: I have to tell you this: I am mildly sympathetic to Eva Marie’s situation because one time I was wrestling a Japanese man at Dragon Gate USA, and he went to suplex me, and my entire [expletive] came out. … Nobody even noticed because we were on the top rope and it was weird, because…

Renee: I feel like that would accentuate it.

Bryan: *laughs* Maybe it did and everyone was just being kind!

Bryan confirms that dick out for Harambe or not, he did indeed finish the match, prompting Renee to call him “an American hero.” Now, both her and I may be Canadian, but I feel like this situation would qualify anyone to make that pronouncement.

h/t Cageside Seats