UFC’s Daniel Cormier Might Be Angling For A WWE Job

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Current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is gearing up for a heavyweight title fight against Stipe Miocic, and the winner of that match may very well end up fighting Brock Lesnar, if and when the current WWE Universal Champion returns to the UFC octagon. Cormier, who has been fighting for nearly a decade professionally and somehow still has a record of 20-1, has been quite visible to wrestling fans as of late, and similar to Lesnar, he may have a transition of his own in mind.

Some time ago, Cormier started a social media war against the Young Bucks and others, for what he deemed an overly-choreographed sequence in a match, and not resembling the “real” pro wrestling of which he’s personally fond.

That spat continued for some time and dragged in people from all over the MMA and wrestling worlds before the two sides finally came to an accord. Many onlookers felt the whole thing smacked of being a work, but Cormier continued to take little shots here and there.

But of course, Cormier was at ringside in Las Vegas for WWE Elimination Chamber to cheer on his good friend Ronda Rousey, and to have a generally very good time watching live wrestling. And now he might have his eye on a more substantial role for himself in the pro wrestling world.

Cageside Seats reports that while Cormier seems to balk at the idea of actually getting in a WWE ring to fight, he is extremely open to another role: commentator.

Daniel Cormier, the UFC’s light heavyweight champion and a longtime pro wrestling fan, said Tuesday at a media lunch that he would be interested in a future role as a WWE broadcaster.

“I would do something like that,” Cormier said. “But having to wrestle a match, that’s crazy at this point to learn to have to wrestle. That could be crazy, man. But I would like to get to commentate some matches. I think that would be fun for me.”

Cormier has experience sitting in on the commentary booth for UFC fights, and he even accidentally cribbed his wrestling roots when he called Rose Namajunas’ big title win.

Cormier has been a wrestling fan since childhood. He admits that he has even appropriated, unknowingly, a Jim Ross WWE Attitude Era catchphrase during his UFC commentary gig. When Rose Namajunas knocked out Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 217 last November, Cormier’s call “Thug Rose! Thug Rose! Thug Rose!” went viral. Later, “DC” said he realized where he got it.

“You guys remember when Jim used to yell ‘Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!’” Cormier said. “Same thing. After I did it, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve heard this somewhere before.’ I was like, ‘Oh shit, I guess it was a Jim Ross thing.’”

There’s absolutely no telling whether there’s any real seriousness here, or if WWE would be interested (they probably would), or if Cormier would be any good at calling a wrestling match (he probably would), but maybe the MMA invasion of WWE is just getting started.