Dark Match Dungeon: Orders From The Pentagon

Welcome back, one and all, to the Dark Match Dungeon! You know the drill: This is the feature where I rifle through the dusty card catalog of the internet, searching for lost gems featuring today’s wrestling superstars. So far, I haven’t run into the screaming library phantom from Ghostbusters, but anything could happen. Speaking of the paranormal, let’s take a look at a guy who has a psychic link with a semi-retired Canadian vampire.

That’s right, today’s edition of the Dungeon is all about everyone’s favorite Pissed-Off Ninja Skeleton™. Pentagon, Jr. has been riding a runaway wave of popularity since the inception of Lucha Underground, but how did this luchador enmascarado start out? Take a look for yourself, but don’t expect to find the Cero Miedo you know and love today.

What To Look For:

– Dark Dragon. That’s right, Pentagon entered the world of lucha libre as a completely different character. He didn’t adopt the legacy character of Pentagon until December of 2012 at the AAA pay-per-view Guerra de Titanes. Total upgrade, considering that the Dark Dragon costume looks like what you’d get if Super Dragon hooked up with a Power Ranger.
– A cast of Lucha Underground familiar faces. Young versions of Angelico, Argenis, and Pentagon’s real-life brother Fenix all make appearances in this 3-on-3 match.
– Even in AAA, a guy named Stardust (Polvo de Estrellas) is wearing a black bodysuit and painting his face. Never let anyone tell you that wrestling isn’t a universal language.
– No, the Tito Santana you’re seeing here is not the same one famous for his run in WWE (and one appearance at King of Trios). He’s known as Soul Rocker now.
– Pentagon’s signature Sling Blade. It’s so much more pleasing when no one’s calling it a Jumping Tanahashi.

This match, taped for AAA television, took place almost exactly five years ago: March 21, 2011. What’s really impressive is that Pentagon wasn’t even a full year into his professional career at this point. He and Fenix just have a natural knack for lucha libre, and Lucha Underground is all the more entertaining for it. Like a lot of fans, I’m eagerly awaiting the day they go head-to-head when the stakes are really high. We already know from Fenix’s matches with Mil Muertes that life triumphs over death, but can it defeat the guy who beat the crap out of death with a steel chair?