Darren Young Has Been Cleared To Return From Injury

Darren Young has been out of action since February due to a serious elbow injury that required surgery. The injury happened during a match on WWE Main Event and it’s pretty gross if you want to check it out. At the the time, he was doing a strange “Make Darren Young Great Again” gimmick with Bob Backlund as his mentor. It really wasn’t going anywhere, but obviously there is no good time to get injured.

The good news is that Young has been cleared to return to action by WWE’s doctors according to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet. That falls in line with the original report of it being an injury with a six-month recovery time. Pro Wrestling Sheet notes that Young can make his return to WWE television as soon as next week, and that he will return to the Raw brand. It’s not known at this time if he will be in an onscreen pairing with Backlund again.

As you can see from a recent Instagram post, Young has been working very hard during his time off from injury. I’m sure his WWE bosses will be impressed.

Young has been a part of WWE since 2009 starting in developmental, then he was on the first season of the NXT TV show in 2010 mentored by CM Punk and later was part of the Nexus group. Young also won the WWE Tag Team Titles with Titus O’Neil as the Prime Time Players in June 2015. The team broke up too soon because neither guy has had much success as a singles act.

Good luck to Darren in his return to WWE television. He’s a hard working guy that loves the business and has a lot of untapped potential. Sometimes when a guy is off TV for six months it’s the best thing for them because it allows them to return fresh. I think his return should be as a solo act without Backlund and see how well he can do on his own because the gimmick with Backlund was too cheesy unless they were to be portrayed as blatant heels, which is the way it should have been from the beginning.