Scott Dawson Lets Us Know When The Revival Will Be Back In WWE

For tag team wrestling enthusiasts, tragedy struck just a couple of weeks after WrestleMania, when new Raw roster member Dash Wilder suffered a broken jaw at an NXT house show, thus effectively halting the just-begun momentum of The Revival. The throwback tag team (which happens to be the best tag team in the world) had just put Kofi Kingston on the shelf and run The New Day all the way off Raw, and all of a sudden, they were gone.

On Friday, world’s toppest guy Scott Dawson popped up to give everyone an update on Wilder, and to give us a hard return date for The Revival. The good news: they’re still the best, and they’ll be back on our televisions in just six short weeks, hopefully with a WWE Shop link for us to buy those “Monday Night Revival” shirts.

Transcript via Cageside Seats:

“Right now, today is two straight weeks that [Dash has] had his jaw completely wired shut, man. No food, which has really, really made him mad. It’s just a liquid diet. He can’t speak a word. He’s still got four more weeks of a jaw that’s completely wired shut, can’t open it, can’t move his mouth, but he wanted me to pass along a message to all of you people. He wrote it down, he scribbled it on a piece of paper for me to read.

[ … ]

“In six more weeks, six more weeks, it’s my plan, it’s Dash’s plan, it’s The Revival’s plan to make as much money as we possibly can. We got a family to feed, okay? And the way to make the most money that we can is to become the WWE Raw tag team champions. So whomever that may be in six weeks you gotta deal with Monday Night Revival. But for now, just for six more weeks, I say to you: Top Guys, out.”

Y’all better watch your ass, whoever has those Raw Tag Team Championships in six weeks. The Revival is gunning for you, and they’re bringing their fists. No flips, though.