Dave Bautista And Dana Brooke’s Twitter Romance Is WWE’s Warmest Holiday Story

Twitter can often be an exhausting and dispiriting website to spend time on, but every once in a while something genuinely delightful happens there, and it starts to make the whole enterprise seem worthwhile. Over this holiday weekend, one of the best things happening on Twitter has been the growing flirtation between retired pro wrestler turned movie star Dave Bautista and current WWE Superstar Dana Brooke.

It all started when Bautista announced that he’s newly single. Naturally, a lot of people replied with interest, and Dana Brooke was one of them. That prompted Dave to post this:

It’s a handsome look to be sure, but the expensive car doesn’t hurt the image either. Dana responded quickly.

And things escalated from there.

Around this time, the panelists of WWE backstage started to get invested:

And lest we think it’s all been an attention grabbing Twitter angle, Dana let us know that a private conversation is going on as well:

Saturday was Dana’s birthday, and Dave’s public Happy Birthday message made it clear that he’d already offered one in private:

The level of reality in how wrestlers (and for that matter, movie stars) present themselves on social media is always in question, but this whole flirtation has been so charming and joyful, I for one choose to believe it’s real.