Dave Bautista Had Some Harsh Words For Vince McMahon And The Titus O’Neil Suspension

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TMZ’s headline for this was, “DAVE BAUTISTA CALLS OUT VINCE MCMAHON ‘You F*cked Titus O’Neil.'” Nobody really gets called out and that phrasing makes it sound like Batista’s saying Vince literally f*cked Titus O’Neil, so let me get you caught up.

Earlier this month following Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech, WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil touched company chairman Vince McMahon. Some playful shoving happened and it was weird, but nobody really thought anything of it. Even the reverse angle doesn’t look dramatic. Still, WWE reacted by suspending Titus for 90 days — later reduced to 60 — and almost firing him. Stone Cold Steve Austin said 90 days was a little much, but that Titus deserved to be punished. Dave Bautista said Titus should tell WWE to go f*ck themselves. To go literally f*ck themselves.

TMZ caught up with Batista and asked him about the situation, and Big Dave didn’t mince words about his read of what happened, and why Titus should bail.

“Even if it was at the wrong time, again, it’s a man-on-man, you know, a one on one conversation. It’s not like, don’t turn into somebody’s boss because you don’t like the way they touched you. Not only did he f*ck him with the suspension and the fine, he double f*cked him by taking WrestleMania away from him. So, that’s why I said just leave, man.”

“I think he should leave. I think that’s one dude that doesn’t have to be there, he’s there because he loves it.”

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