Watch ‘King’ David Arquette Return To The Ring In A CWFH Match

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Former WCW heavyweight champion and actor David Arquette hasn’t wrestled in some time, but the man known primarily as an actor is also an infamous WCW heavyweight champion. That run in wrestling may not be looked back on with fondness for WCW fans, but Arquette is serious about wrestling and seems to be making a bit of a comeback.

Arquette returned to the ring on Sunday night in a CWF Hollywood match against RJ City. The two had developed something of a rivalry in recent months to build to the match, Arquette’s first in years after winning the WCW title in 2000.

Though he didn’t win the match, there were some bright moments for the Ready to Rumble lead.

Arquette had the advantage in the early parts of the match, including a Diamond Cutter that landed pretty well. The loss came, however, when he took a flying knee to the face from City..

Fans did get especially excited when he pulled off the Diamond Cutter, though.

He wasn’t able to get the victory in-ring, but he seemed to have a good time back in the squared circle. Arquette posted a heartfelt message about the match and belonging as a wrestler on Twitter after the match.

There’s no word on whether Arquette will appear at more CWFH matches in the future, but he certainly seems to have made some fans in the promotion on Sunday.