Here’s The Hilarious Payoff To Kanye West Wanting ‘Every Awesome Wrestler’ At Yeezy Season 3

Earlier this week, Kanye West tweeted out a request — a demand? — that “every awesome wrestler” attend his Yeezy Season 3 premiere event at Madison Square Garden. He specifically requested “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, who he apparently hasn’t checked up on or read news about in the past year.

Despite a few top stars who saw the tweet and wanted an invite (including WWE cult favorite Sasha Banks, who would’ve been the most apropos wrestling guest possible), the event came and went without much WWE content. I say “without much,” because there was one WWE Superstar in attendance, and whether or not he fits the bill of “awesome wrestler” is up for debate.

So, who was Kanye’s wrestling guest?

No, not John Laurinaitis, although that would be pretty awesome.

Yes, folks, “every awesome wrestler” is sort-of WWE Superstar David Otunga. You may know him as a pro wrestling lawyer, the Starscream to John Laurinaitis’ Megatron, the Starscream to Wade Barrett’s Megatron, or “that well-dressed guy from some of the WWE pre-show panels.” Otunga hasn’t been a regular on WWE TV since 2012 — wow, has it been that long? — but he still gets around, popping up on talk shows or random episodes of General Hospital.

Sasha Banks would’ve been a lot cooler, but hey, at least we’ve got our quarterly update on David Otunga’s well-being. We can’t wait until Yeezy Season 4, featuring Alex Riley.