DDP Yoga Seriously Had To Record A YouTube Video Explaining How Mirrors Work

Three things about the following video:

1. ‘sup, DDP’s daughter?

2. They seriously had to record a video about how mirrors work. People on the Internet are so into hating and disproving and debunking and “getting to the bottom” of shit that they COULD NOT TAKE THE NATURE OF MIRROR REFLECTIONS INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE COMMENTING. It got so bad that people who own and operate a yoga program that is helping people around the world and saving the lives of pro wrestlers and strangers HAD TO RECORD A GODDAMN VIDEO SAYING “IF YOU STAND IN A MIRROR, SHIT LOOKS DIFFERENT.”

3. I wish she’d looked into the mirror and seen Adam Rose in a business suit.

I’m sorry that the world is so stupid and requires this.

Next week on DDP Yoga: an explanation of why people aren’t wearing the same clothes in every photo they’ve ever taken.