Dean Ambrose Says He Promised A Little Girl And Her Sick Dog He’d Break Bray Wyatt’s Leg

Dean Ambrose local morning show appearances may be my new favorite thing in wrestling. The last valiant defender of kayfabe, Ambrose does these shows fully in character and freed from the confines of WWE scripts, and truly earns his Lunatic Fringe nickname. We recently saw Ambrose take potshots at The Rock and commandeer the weather man’s job on a Louisiana morning show, and things got even wackier when he hit up Kansas City morning show KCLive this Monday.

As soon as Ambrose hit the couch, he launched into an epic shaggy dog story about how a little girl came up to him in his hotel lobby with her tiny, adorable, and very sick French bulldog with one request… that he make Bray Wyatt feel pain, blues and agony. So, what could Ambrose do? Of course, he promised that tiny, angel-like child that HE’D PUT BRAY WYATT IN THE INDIAN DEATHLOCK, A HOLD NO MAN HAS EVER ESCAPED, AND BREAK HIS LEG. That was the highspot, although Ambrose not being able to find the camera for his promo and waxing on about the dedication to your craft required to tear a man’s arm from its socket are also highlights.

Oh, and don’t think we’re not keeping an eye on you, Mr. Ambrose. On the off-chance that girl and her dying dog actually exist, I expect to see Bray Wyatt’s leg broken by the end of the month at the latest.