Let’s Watch Dean Ambrose Get Six Staples In His Head After Monday’s Steel Cage Match

No, you didn’t think today would involve you watching video of Dean Ambrose singing a parody of Montell Jordan’s 1995 classic ‘This Is How We Do It’ while getting six staples in his head, but here we are. This video is definitely Somethin’ 4 da Honeyz.

♫ “This is how we do it, it’s Monday night and I’m feelin’ right … Gettin’ stapled on the side of my head, ’cause I was in a cage match.” ♫

Monday’s Slammy Awards edition of Raw ended with Ambrose taking on Sheamus in a steel cage match, and both men are worse for the wear. A White Noise off the top rope left Sheamus’ arm so bruised it looked like a papaya, and Ambrose spent most of the post-show leaning over a sink, comparing his wounds to Roman Reigns’ as a medical team staples his head shut.

The injury is severe for normal people, but not for Ambrose, who spent most of his independent wrestling career suplexing people onto freestanding cage walls and getting drill-sawed in the forehead. Even that stuff wasn’t so bad. You could say he’s been getting his head split open ever since he was a lowercase G. But now he’s a big G.