Demi Lovato Meets Stone Cold Steve Austin In This Great But Unnecessary Mashup

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Demi Lovato are the duet partners nobody asked for, and… well, I’m not sure if the world really needed this. I’m not even sure if I like this, but it exists, is completely bonkers, and also clocks in at 3:16. Admittedly, I’m kinda into it. I may also be the same person who refused to stop making “Cool for the Summer” jokes well after SummerSlam was over, but shut up, it’s a really good song and there is literally a wrestler named Summer (Rae).

Interrupting Stone Cold (like Interrupting Cow, bu-WHAT) does just that, brashly cutting into Demi Lovato’s very best Adele impersonation on her new single “Stone Cold.” The song itself is a raw, emotional performance, but why enjoy it on its own merits when you can pretend that it’s legitimately about Steve Austin?

I mean, what did you do to Demi, Steve? Why would you break her heart like that? Historically, you’re not the best person to be in a relationship with, but damn, son. Also, can we agree that modern day Stone Cold is still probably a better life decision to make than anything to do with Wilmer Valderrama? And if this entirely fictional video is any indication (disclaimer: it is not), how do we introduce Summer Rae to Demi?