A Documentary About David Arquette’s Wrestling Career Is Being Made

After over a decade of being hated by wrestling fans because of the movie Ready to Rumble and crazy booking decisions by WCW, actor David Arquette returned to wresting in 2018. When he hit the independent scene, many fans were surprised by how much training and effort he had clearly put into this return and fans and non-fans alike were shocked by his bloody deathmatch-gone-wrong with Nick Gage.

Now, The Wrap reports that a documentary from director David Darg called You Cannot Kill David Arquette is in the works about his return to wrestling, and it has apparently been filming for the past two years. The documentary will feature interviews with people close to Arquette, including Courteney Cox, Ric Flair, and Arquette’s siblings Patricia, Rosanna, and Richmond.

It looks safe to expect the documentary to talk about Arquette’s infamous deathmatch, judging from the actor’s statement that “I’ve always loved wrestling. I wanted to do this film as a love letter to wrestling. I didn’t know when I started this journey that it may cost me my life, but it was all worth it just to have the wrestlers in the locker room call me ‘one of the boys!'”

So far, there’s no word on when it will be released, just that it will be part of the debut film slate of XTR, “a new nonfiction film and TV studio,” in which Arquette is reportedly an investor.