Dolph Ziggler Has Signed A New WWE Contract Just In Time To Be Written Off Of TV

07.14.15 4 years ago 25 Comments

Good news! No more speculating about the future of everyone’s favourite ramen noodle-coiffed WWE Superstar. According to, Dolph Ziggler has officially re-signed with WWE.

Ziggler is once again under contract just in time to be written off of television. Thankfully it’s not due to any kind of injury, rather he’s on his way to Vancouver to start filming the new WWE Studios film 6:42. Zigs will leave the butt-wiggles behind (get it, ehhh??) to play Ray Fitzpatrick, a cop who is struggling to deal with his past as he races to rescue a child with a bomb strapped to their chest from getting blown to smithereens. He’ll be out ‘indefinitely,’ but shooting is scheduled for four weeks, putting him back sometime in mid-August prior to SummerSlam.

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