Dolph Ziggler Used A Twitter Meme To Express His Love For The Cleveland Browns

Dolph Ziggler’s brand is strong. His hair is always wet, he hates elaborate entrances, he’s here to show the world, he here’s to show the world, come on, bring it on. The Ohio native is also a proud Cleveland Browns fan.

With the team being extremely not good (again) and Dolph being such a bummed out pill lately, we thought we’d share a sweet lil’ tweet from the former world champ on the eve of Hell in a Cell. You know, to brighten the mood for all parties involved.

With the Indians making a serious run at the World Series and the Cavaliers loading up for the start of NBA season, it’s sweet that a winning season for the Brownies is what makes him so happy. I hope he has a lovely time and it turns out better than any of this previous love affairs, such as Vickie Guerrero, A.J. Lee, Maria, Summer Rae, and Lana.

If I could gamble on a Browns loss and Ziggler loss (both squash matches featuring outside interference), I would. Dolph’s heart doesn’t seem to be into wrestling much these days. He would probably prefer the terrible Browns going over the overachieving Jets more than a glorious win over Bobby Roode on Sunday.