Donald Trump And Sean Hannity Compared The GOP Debate To WWE

Donald Trump recently appeared on Fox News, all squinty-eyed and lemon-puckered like an over-confident Renee Zellweger, to recap Wednesday’s GOP debate with Sean Hannity. Both he and Hannity compared it to pro wrestling, and inadvertently gave a pretty accurate run down on a major problem in WWE:

Were you happy with the format? It almost, to me, was a little WWE — you said this about this person, they said this about you, and we want you to fight. And then it went on for three hours.

Wow. That is… an incredibly adept description of WWE Raw. He left out the part where those three hours are nearly mind-numbing to get through, occasionally peppered with bits of comedic brilliance, and often pretty terrible to women.

Trump responded that the thing that made him the most upset was “the three hours. It was too much, it was too long, and I think, at a certain point, people get bored with that.”

Hear that? That’s the sound of a million WWE fans going omg so true.

Instead of going into an in-depth discussion on how they think Sting should be booked, Trump moves on and explains further how the debates were just like WWE by… not really explaining how they’re just like WWE:

It was a little bit like WWE, the great Vince McMahon — who is a terrific guy — the way every question had to do with me,” Trump said. “Mr. Trump said this, Mr. Trump said that. I think they said 46 percent of the questions had something like that, so I thought it was a little bit unusual.

I guess it’s that, just like in wrestling, old white dudes will stick together and ‘put each other over’ no matter how terrible they actually are. After all, Trump is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. His past appearances include showering fans with thousands of dollars (so long as they agreed not to donate it to Planned Parenthood, I assume), and acting cooler and tougher than everyone around him; a far cry from Trump’s debate persona, where he acts tougher then cooler than everyone around him.

I feel like a more accurate description would have been pointing out that everyone thought Carly Fiorina gave him a verbal Stone Cold Stunner in response to his criticisms of her looks. Let’s all watch the original in the name of unbiased journalism, just to be sure: