Daniel Bryan’s Anger Management Coach Has Some Helpful Tips For WrestleMania

When Daniel Bryan announced that an injury was (possibly permanently) forcing him to step away from a WWE ring, one of the most touching tributes was a YouTube clip from “Dr. Shelby,” his anger management coach. Shelby is one of the best WWE TV NPCs of all time, helping Bryan and Kane make anger collages, understand each other via their favorite foods, and even presided over their “graduation” from his course.

Now that Bryan’s returning to the ring at WrestleMania 34, Dr. Shelby’s back, too, with some helpful hints involving beard maintenance, language choices, and how zippers on cardigans can make you seem “athletic.” “Have fun at WrestleMania!” It’s great as usual, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for those old segments.

If Shane McMahon’s not going to be able to recover from diverticulitis in time to be Bryan’s partner, maybe there’s a gigantic, flame-themed Tennessee mayoral candidate who could step in to fill his spot. And if not, maybe we can at least get Dr. Shelby showing up backstage to suggest it. Maybe if Kane’s gear had more zippers on it instead of those stitches and flames or whatever, he’d seem more athletic?

WWE Smackdown

Let’s just hope Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist doesn’t have any WrestleMania messages for him.