A Beloved WWE Superfan Got A Heartbreaking Diagnosis, But Here’s How You Can Help

We get to write a lot about the great connections WWE Superstars make with their younger fans. John Cena may dominate the Make-A-Wish front, but time after time we get to see different performers going out of their way to make sick kids happy. Usually that’s all we get to see — we don’t see the struggles, and we usually don’t see what happens after those moments of happiness. Much like Connor Michalek’s connection to the WWE Universe, young Elijah Mainville worked his way into our hearts. His adorable Tough Enough submission video earned him a special contract to be an official WWE Superstar under the name Drax Shadow, an honor he celebrated with his favorite wrestler Stardust.

Stardust would go on to help raise money for Mainville’s medical bills alongside his onscreen mortal enemy Stephen Amell. WWE also helped support him in other ways, like when he got this badass custom Drax Shadow action figure.

Sadly, cancer doesn’t care about cool wrestling friends or action figures. For the last six years of his short life, Mainville’s neuroblastoma has had multiple relapses, and they’ve taken their toll. Updates on his condition have gotten increasingly grim:

A week ago Elijah and his family received news that the experimental T Cell treatment he received failed. The tumors in his head have grown and are pressing on his brain. The doctors estimate that he has 6 months to a year of his life left.

Friends of the Mainvilles have banded together to send the family on a dream vacation during those months:

Elijah’s dream is to get to go to Hawaii. We, friends of the Mainville family, have created this page to make that dream possible. We would like to send the Mainville family to Hawaii in December.

You can donate and help round out what they’ve already raised at their GoFundMe site here. You can also donate to help with Elijah’s extensive and costly medical bills here.