Drew McIntyre Shared Which Matches He Thinks Should Main Event WrestleMania 36

A two-night WrestleMania this year means two WrestleMania main events, and Drew McIntyre has opinions on what they should be.

In an interview with talkSPORT, McIntyre is asked who, presuming his match with Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship will main event one night of WrestleMania, who he thinks should be in the other show-ending slot, and he gives a well-thought-out answer. Though he says Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg should main event in theory because it’s “for the title and that’s very important,” his pick is Edge vs. Randy Orton because it’s “so personal and so well built.”

McIntyre explains:

They’re such good sellers and storytellers that it’s going to be like a cinematic masterpiece watching their match. That’s how it looks in my head. The way they work and the way their facials and their storytelling, I imagine their match will be more like watching a movie.

But McIntyre also puts over Reigns vs. Goldberg, supporting Roman’s challenge for the Universal Championship by pointing out he “didn’t technically lose the title.”

Realistically, the title was taken off him, he didn’t lose it. He has a great story to tell, but I just think he’s going to run Goldberg over pretty quick and the story behind Edge and Randy, the nine years, the fact that in this particular setting they’re going to thrive in it, I’d put it last – on night one! Brock and I are obviously night two.