Drew McIntyre Has Lofty Goals For His Second WWE Run

Drew McIntyre has had quite the pro wrestling journey already at just 32 years of age. He came into WWE very young and was tagged as Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One.” He suffered from what many felt was a case of “too much, too soon” and fell out of favor, then was relegated to being one-third of a comedy act in 3MB before being released. During his years on the independent scene, he became one of the most in-demand, respected, feared, and talented wrestlers in the world under his real name, Drew Galloway, and battled his way back to another run in WWE.

Now being positioned as the possible future face of the NXT brand, McIntyre looks different and feels different than the first time around. What hasn’t changed, however, is his confidence in himself. He still believes he’s going to be world champion in WWE one day. More than that, he believes he has the ability to be the guy. He elaborated during a recent interview with The Mirror.

In an interview in October 2014, you told me that when Vince McMahon said you were going to be a future world champion, he didn’t specify when. You said: “Let’s just make it clear – it’s going to happen. I’ve replayed that in my head a million times and he never said when. It’s just going to be the prophecy fulfilled when it does happen.” Do you still believe in that outcome?

I always have, 100%, I’ve never changed my opinion since I said that. He didn’t say the things he said for his health, he has done a lot with this business because of his eye for it. I wasn’t necessarily the guy he was looking for back then in a few different ways, but he certainly saw that raw talent and potential. I’ve been lucky that I’ve got myself through various opportunities and platforms and people believing in me, my wife helping in a lot of different areas, and growing up a lot, I’ve shown I am ready now to be a top guy, to hold that position for the company and show what it is to represent a giant, publicly traded company like WWE. There is so much more than just what you do in the ring and what you do on the microphone. As a kid I didn’t quite comprehend that, but now that’s something 100% I’m ready for. I’ve represented many people as the face of the company, proudly and I do it with joy and I do it with respect and make sure I elevate everywhere I go. I came to NXT to elevate it and I came back to WWE to fulfil the prophecy.

If you’ve been following Galloway/McIntyre’s career over the past few years, it’s certainly tough to doubt him. He is absolutely fearsome, and is one hell of a talent whether talking about wrestling ability, promo work, or just sheer charisma. The sky is, once again, the limit for McIntyre. Here’s hoping he once again becomes the chosen one, but as more than just a nickname.