The Dudley Boyz Have A Full-Time, Long-Term Deal, Are Set For A Big Match At Night Of Champions

On this week’s Raw, the Dudley Boyz returned, looking as good as ever after a decade’s absence from the company. Hell, honestly, they looked better than they ever did in WWE. But how long will they be sticking around? Let us not forget Bubba returning at the Royal Rumble, then promptly disappearing for months. Are the Dudleyz back to stay, or is this just a quick nostalgia run?

Well, according to a report from PWInsider, the Dudleyz will be working a full-time schedule, including Smackdown and house shows, and have signed a multi-year contract. The plan is for Bubba and D-Von to wind down their career in WWE, before transitioning to legends contracts or possible backstage roles.

We also have some interesting notes about this Monday’s big Dudleyz debut. Their return was kept secret from everybody but a few top officials and folks in the marketing and merch department, and the duo were kept hidden right until the last moment. Yes, even their victims the New Day didn’t know what was coming, so those expressions of fear/childlike delight were legit. Speaking of which, Xavier Woods talked the Dudley Boyz return on Facebook, and, surprisingly, he wasn’t playing any sad trombone, despite being put through a table.

“If you’re not a wrestler, this may be hard to understand. Tonight, I took a 3 from the Dudley Boyz through a table in front of a sold out crowd in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center after I played trombone during our entrance and my boys sand our remake of Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York.’ This is honestly one of the best moments of my life.”

Big E, on the other hand, seemed less positive about the whole thing.

Reports are that Bubba and D-Von will be challenging for the tag titles as soon as Night of Champions, so the New Day better get over being star struck, otherwise the Dudleyz may soon become the most decorated tag team in history +1.