The Rock Claims He’s Close To Hitting The Longest Golf Drive Ever Recorded

The Rock is an enormous man, capable of incredible — borderline magical — things. Like making you want to see a Baywatch movie in the year 2017!

His latest feat of strength? Hitting a golf ball a really, really long way. He posted to Instagram on Tuesday and claimed that he creamed a golf ball to the tune of a 490-yard drive, and he now supposedly has his sights set on the world record of 515 yards.

Hey, if there’s anyone you don’t want to doubt when they put something crazy on their vision board, it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. WHO WOULD DARE TO CALL POPPYCOCK ON THE ROCK?

[sound of a tumbler breaking] BAH GAWD, THAT’S JOHN DALY’S MUSIC.

Yes, noted golfing uncle John Daly is here to tinkle on the Rock’s parade. Typical. TMZ Sports caught up with Daly and asked for his opinion on The Rock’s goal. Daly is apparently a Rock golfing truther, because he wants to see the proof.

“Well, I think to hit it 490 yards, I [want to] know if he hit a sprinkler head, or a cart path. I’m saying it’s highly unlikely [Rock did it], because I’ve seen the biggest and the baddest drivers in the world that can hit it almost 400 yards. If he can hit it 490 straight, he needs to get on the PGA Tour … I’d have to see it to believe it.

“Now, we know he’s strong enough to do it and if I had that body, I’d be hitting it 490 yards myself … but my motto is, ‘I don’t work out. I put out.'”

That sound you’re hearing? That’s the sound of movie studio vaults opening up in order to pay whatever it takes for a Rock/Daly buddy comedy.