Dwight Howard Got All Up In Lana and Rusev’s Business At A Weekend Live Event

Lana and Rusev cross over with the NBA more often than you’d think.

If you were to rank sports by toughness, basketball would probably be fairly far down on the list (although still way above soccer) but that didn’t stop Rockets forward, Dwight Howard from stepping to Rusev and Lana this weekend at a house show in Houston.

Early in the night Dwight hit the ring alongside a couple local DJs and cut a Ric Flair-esque promo, because all celebrities do Ric Flair when they’re asked to play wrestler. Dwight’s night wasn’t over though – later when Lana was cutting a standard anti-American, anti-local sports team promo, Dwight rose from the crowd to interrupt her. Lana’s reported response? “Sha-tup and sit down”. I assume Dwight then sat his ass down, because you’d don’t mess with the mini-skirted emissary of Vladimir Putin himself.

Since this was a house show, we obviously don’t have full video, but WWE has posted a couple Touts, er I mean Vines of Howard on the show…

Hopefully this is part of a Dwight Howard mission to make everybody from all sports hate him now that he has basketball thoroughly covered.

via Wrestling Inc.