Eli Roth Feels Like The Trump Administration Is Taking A Page Out Of Roddy Piper’s Playbook

Hostel director and cinema’s “Bear Jew” Eli Roth has noticed something familiar about how the Trump administration conducts business. In the filmmaker’s view, we’re getting a bizarre reboot of Reagan-era wrestling tactics in D.C. Considering Trump’s lengthy friendship with Vince McMahon, it’s not all that nutty of a comparison to make.

Roth was in attendance for the TCA summer press tour festivities (he has an AMC horror doc series on the way) and during his wheelings, dealings and spielings he addressed a question about dystopian themes and the current White House. According to a report from the AV Club, Roth sees the new era of political discourse as pulling from Piper’s Pit and the ’80s stylings of pro graps.

“It doesn’t matter what side of the political fence you’re on, the characters we have in the White House are out of WWF wrestling in the ‘80s,” he offered. “You got guys saying things that would make Rowdy Roddy Piper in his heyday blush. This is actually happening. You start to see that. It always gets out there, first on Twitter, then to SNL; it just filters its way into television and movies.”

If White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci wangs someone in the head with a coconut be sure to note that Roth tipped you off. That said, the Trump administration’s approach might have more in common with Roddy Piper’s WrestleMania V guest Morton Downey Jr. than Piper himself. Depends on your perspective, I suppose.

(Via AV Club)