Ember Moon Believes She May Have A ‘Career-Ending Injury’

Like most fans, we’ve been keeping an eye out for updates about the status of Ember Moon, one of WWE’s most promising and underutilized female Superstars of the last few years. Ember hasn’t been able to wrestle since last September, when she tore her achilles tendon during a 24/7 Championship segment, of all things. Unfortunately, none of the news so far has been good.

Last night on WWE Backstage, Renee Young asked a panel that included Ember Moon, Booker T, and Mark Henry about moments in their career they’d like to do over. That led to Ember opening up about the possibility that she might not be able to return to the ring:

Just trying to think, like, I look back at my career in WWE — I’ve been here five years. And like yeah, I could go back and say “Yeah, I should have been the one to defeat Asuka’s streak,: or at least I hope that, or I could say “Aw, man, me and Bayley from SummerSlam… I wish I’d done more.”

The more and more I sit back and look at everything I’ve done and what I would re-do, I think more about my injury currently and realizing that I may have a career-ending injury. I’m coming back from the hardest injury and I might not have a chance to redeem myself of all the things that I wanted to do and all the things I want to do in my future. It’s just— It’s so hard to think back and regret, when I try to look forward.

Mark Henry had no patience for the idea that someone as talented as Ember might not wrestle again, and basically yelled at her, in the manner of a loving coach, not to give up. Ember then acknowledged that she’s not losing hope on getting back in the ring,

I keep looking forward and I keep pushing forward because this is what I love. This is my passion, this is the only thing I’ve ever wanted for myself. And I want that opportunity to not look back, but to look forward and be better than ever before. And it’s so hard to look back, like it really is. Gosh. I just feel like, thank you guys, but yeah, it’s hard. And I hope that I do have more matches, there’s so many more things I want to do. Like I said, I’m trying to get on y’all’s level. I’m going to prove to you guys that I’m worth redeeming those mistakes and worth redeeming those regrets. It’s just going to be awhile before I do so.

Hopefully we do get to see Ember Moon return to the ring, however long it takes. In the meantime, at least there are places like WWE Backstage where we still get to see her, and she still gets to participate in the WWE product.