WWE Superstar Emma Finally Got Some Good News For Once

If you’re ranking the unluckiest wrestlers in the world, No. 1 with a bullet would be Hideo Itami, but Emma would almost certainly be in the top five. Last year she suffered an injury, had to have surgery, sat at home long after being cleared, was saddled with 18 weeks of “The Emmalina makeover is coming” only to debut and announce she wasn’t going to be Emmalina, and then weeks after returning as Emma, she suffered a shoulder injury in England and had to return home from WWE’s European tour.

But every Emma fan (read: every wrestling fan) should rejoice, because Evil Emma finally got some good news, and will be back on our televisions shortly. The new Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that her shoulder injury is not nearly as bad as WWE initially feared.

Emma is now expected to be able to return in mid-June, so expect her to come back after Extreme Rules. Should Bayley manage to recapture her Raw Women’s Championship, I’m just going to suggest that Emma would be an ideal — nay, perfect — next challenger, perhaps gunning for the title at (sigh) Great Balls of Fire.

Well, if nothing else, maybe we’ll finally get the rest of that storyline that Emma and Dana Brooke began and haven’t yet finished. Please, WWE, remember that they started a storyline together. Please.