WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Turned An Airline Screw-Up Into An Act Of Kindness

Enzo Amore is as well-known for being a total sneakerhead as much as we here at With Spandex are known for endlessly adoring the diminutive WWE Superstar. We didn’t really need another reason to continue that love, but Enzo went ahead and gave us one this week.

After his $1,500 Zebra Yeezy 350 V2s were stolen from his checked luggage during an American Airlines flight, the company reimbursed him the full cost. Instead of copping a pair of replacement Yeezys, Enzo decided to put the money to good use.

Partnering with Champs Sports (Enzo is a regular contributor to their Snapchat), he hit up one of their New Jersey locations and went on a total shopping spree. His personal collection didn’t grow, but our hearts sure did when he next dropped in on the Newark Boys & Girls Club to deliver throwback Jordans and Jordan apparel like some wonderfully deranged leopard print Santa Clause:

WWE Superstar Enzo Amore visited BGCN as part of the [Be A Star] program! Our teens were super excited to meet him! Enzo spoke to our #teen members about developing self-esteem and confidence, and being themselves! He talked about respect for all and even gave our teens special edition Champs Sports Air Jordan sneakers! – via Facebook

Well whatta we got ova here? A cuppa haters?? Actually, no, not at all. Just some cold coffee and a tear or two over wrestling getting to be so pure and good.

h/t SoleCollector