Enzo Amore Paid Tribute To Breast Cancer Survivors With These Incredible Custom Jordans

Sunday’s WWE TLC event was light on the furniture-themed matches and heavy on the confusion and garbage truck murder, so it was easy to let a small but powerful detail slip through the cracks. Enzo Amore, the much-maligned two-time Cruiserweight Champion, brought more than his bravado and ridiculous pants to his match against Kalisto.

Teamed up once again with @real1 to create some special footwork for his @wwe TLC match tonight. Enzo wanted to create a pair to support @susangkomen and their quest to finding a cure for breast cancer. We went an unconventional route and utilized the cross-cross straps of the VIII to create the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.

As it turns out, the shoes are than just a corporate plug and an excuse to wear the SAWFT-est pink leather Mache Custom Kicks could find. Enzo opened up about his personal connection to the fight against breast cancer earlier in October on Instagram:


My Aunt Ellen helped raise me. She was blessed enough to survive breast cancer and I am blessed enough to still see and speak to her. Not everyone is as fortunate, but those scares with life allow us as humans to appreciate how precious #Life truly is. Supporting Susan Certified G this month… & every other one.

This is a much more tasteful tribute than one would expect from the over-the-top character, who you’d expect to see sporting a freshly-purchased FBI: Federal Boob Inspector boardwalk tee all month instead of such a personal, loving tribute. Then again, when Enzo combines shoes and charity, he’s always the realest guy in the room.