Watch The Crowd Go Nuts As Enzo Amore Makes His Triumphant Return To WWE

Hey, Enzo Amore’s back! The Certified G/Bonafide Stud made his return on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw. He’s been sidelined for the last few weeks due to a concussion that he suffered at WWE Payback. In the meantime, Big Cass has been holding things down on his own and it’s been awesome, but there’s nothing better than seeing Enzo Amore doing fun Enzo Amore stuff.

Enzo cut a promo about missing some time before talking about the last few weeks of Cass going at it with the Dudley Boyz. He didn’t get in the ring to compete tonight, but he was attacked at ringside by D-Von Dudley while Cass was busy dealing with Bubba Ray. He did eventually get D-Von back, though, and Cass ended up getting the win.

Hopefully Enzo is able to get back in the ring sooner rather than later, but if he can’t, at least he’s healthy and able to cut promos. Welcome back, Enzo.