Enzo Amore Explained Why He’s Okay With Being Kicked Out Of The WWE Locker Room

The current two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore is no stranger to controversy. It seems like every week we are writing some story about Enzo saying or doing something to piss somebody off. Does he have heat? Who knows? The reality is that WWE just put the Cruiserweight Title on him last Sunday at TLC, so clearly management doesn’t hate the guy as much as some of his peers might.

Enzo’s a star in WWE because he’s a great talker and he was also running his mouth last night outside of Poppy (from Seinfeld?) in Los Angeles. The TMZ cameras caught up to him as he bragged about being Cruiserweight Champion. How did it feel to hold that title?

“Being a champion, you wake up in the morning and you piss excellence.”

Good to know! Enzo went on to make some football references, saying he’s scoring touchdowns.

When Enzo was about to leave with his buddies, he commented on being kicked out of the locker room in the past.

“Bro, I’ve got my own locker room…literally. That is a fact. Come check me out dog, I don’t talk to nobody. You know why? Because if you ain’t talking money, what the hell you talking about?”

That’s when Enzo walked off with his buddies. Was he drunk? Possibly. I’m not going to make accusations. He wasn’t slurring his words and it’s Enzo, so it’s hard to tell if he was acting naturally or if it was because of the booze. He’s always like that.

I don’t blame Enzo for loving life and being happy he’s a champion in WWE, but it’s very odd to see somebody walking into a restaurant with the Cruiserweight Championship. Most wrestlers would never do that, so perhaps this is something that will get Enzo more heat in a Raw locker room where he’s already upset some people. Clearly, he doesn’t seem to care and he’ll likely keep doing what he’s doing.