Enzo Amore Checked Himself Out Of The Emergency Room And Tried To Defend His Title On WWE Raw


A few months ago, WWE’s resident Certified G explained why he was okay being kicked out of a WWE locker room. Then the same bonafide stud revealed that the signature on his driver’s license is a penis. Now we learn that Enzo Amore checked himself out of the hospital on Monday so he could try to live up to advertising and appear on WWE Raw.

This news is real, unlike this, which we continue to be thankful isn’t. According to PWinsider, Amore checked himself out of the emergency room in Miami, then headed to Raw about an hour before the show started, and pushed to compete in his scheduled match against Cedric Alexander.

Reportedly, when he got to the arena and began campaigning to compete as advertised, the reigning cruiserweight champion was told to leave the venue by WWE officials, because he could not perform sick. That seems like a pretty good policy, honestly! But Enzo was there long enough to film this Instagram story (watch until the end).

Enzo Amore’s antics continue to be an easy target for wrestling blogs, but I vote to give the man some credit here. He really wants to compete, and if he has to rip an IV out of his own arm (how you doin) and drive himself to the arena (how you doin), he’s probably going to do it (how you doin).

205 Live has currently announced two matches for Tuesday night’s show, neither of which include Enzo. The realest guy in WWE may not be in the room for the show at all.

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