Enzo Amore May Be In Even More Hot Water With The WWE Locker Room

Just last month, word came out that Enzo Amore was persona non grata with a segment of the locker room because of a loud phone conversation on a WWE bus. Amore was kicked off that bus, but has apparently continued to rub people the wrong way backstage. WWE was reportedly considering moving Enzo to 205 Live or even back to NXT, but the latest report to come out about Amore’s antics indicates he might just be digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself.

SI.com reports that Amore has a new, more serious round of heat on himself for a few different incidents. One of the incidents is that he has been “bringing a series of questionable guests” into the locker room, who then filmed and took pictures of WWE Superstars in a serious breach of locker room etiquette.

According to SI, Amore is also working on pursuing a music career, and the conflict of interest is apparently pretty severe. The third incident involving Amore recently involves a tweetstorm that a Buffalo area stripper sent out about Amore behaving in a pretty unprofessional fashion during a strip club trip. SI’s sources say that there is significant embarrassment in the locker room because of all of this conduct which many feel is unbecoming of a WWE Superstar.


Big Cass’ big “nobody likes you” speech following the duo’s breakup, as well as Corey Graves and JBL talking about how they dislike Amore on WWE Network’s Bring it to the Table, are both believed to be genuine sentiments that WWE approved to appear on television. Cass had reportedly gone to bat many times for Amore over the past year since their call-up, but now that the two have split, it’s possible Cass’ friendship may either not count for as much, or Cass may be too busy looking out for himself to stick up for his little buddy.

Regardless, with so many reports and rumors swirling about Amore being in repeated hot water backstage, there must be at least a bit of fire to this smoke. Amore is massively popular and sells a lot of merchandise, but if enough people backstage are unhappy enough, he may find himself somewhere other than the main roster sooner rather than later.