Enzo Amore Invited His Weird 205 Live Friends Into His Weird House

A huge, framed photo of Tupac Shakur. A clock made out of sneakers. A red pool table. Multiple flatscreen TVs in the same room. Mannequins wearing his own gear. A working lightsaber. Basically, everything at Enzo Amore’s house is exactly what you’d expect, right down to the complete lack of a coherent design aestheti,c or even the most basic semblance of good taste.

All of this was revealed in a spectacularly bizarre Instagram video, in which the WWE Cruiserweight Champion hangs out with his Zo Train (and a few others) in his rather cluttered living space.


A quick breakdown, for those who might have a hard time making it through the nonstop Enzo-yelling of the actual video:

  • Enzo has multiple motivational posters, including one that’s hard to read about friends being a chosen family, and a sign that reads, “Play like a champion today,” a quote associated with University of Notre Dame football. Enzo even slaps it on his way into the house, just like a college athlete taking the field.
  • In addition to the items I listed above, there’s also a stuffed Bugs Bunny in a miniature wrestling ring, which is not a bad representation of Enzo.
  • Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese are playing pool shirtless, while wearing bathrobes for some reason. Tony sinks the eight-ball and celebrates by whipping out his abs. Ariya doesn’t mind losing a bunch of money, because the bills are just “fun coupons” to him.
  • As Enzo notices that “6 O’Clock” is missing from his sneaker clock, Jack Gallagher is briefly visible behind the bar, gazing lovingly at a bottle.
  • There is pizza, but nobody said grace.
  • A mystery man in a white cap is hanging out in the doorway of the room, but hides his face. So presumably he’s either not famous, or he’s too famous.
  • The missing shoe is with Noam Dar, who is waving it around on what looks like a prop of a severed limb, to impress a blonde woman. The horror movie aspect goes uncommented upon.
  • Enzo then realizes that Drew Gulak is missing, but Drew is revealed out on the porch, igniting a lightsaber and generally being a nerd. There’s also a flat surface covered in flames in front of him, but whether that’s a decorative fixture or some kind of overly intense grill is unclear.

When Enzo was sent to 205 Live, there was discussion of the move possibly being a punishment, and perhaps related to his backstage heat and not being allowed in the locker room (which he says is no big deal). But now that he’s spent some time among the cruiserweights, it appears that he’s found some friends, or at least some guys who are happy to drink his booze and play with his toys.