Enzo Amore And Big Cass Looking At $20K Shoes Is The Perfect Weekend Video

If you know anything about Enzo Amore, you know he is a huge sneakerhead. The only person in WWE who may hold a candle to Enzo’s love of a great pair of sneakers is Shane McMahon, but for now we’ll call it a draw.

In case you somehow didn’t know how much the Certified G loves his shoes, he explained his obsession in a recent interview with Sole Collector.

“It all adds to your character, whether it be visually or verbally, it’s just something that people can relate to,” Enzo said. “Anybody who’s a fan of Jordans and happens to have on the same pair of shoes I’m wearing when I’m in the ring has something to relate to with my character.”

Now that he’s back in New York, Enzo and Big Cass got to hit up Enzo’s favorite sneaker joint, Flight Club, and WWE smartly brought a camera alongside. First off, Enzo did this when he entered the store, just to give you an idea of how pumped he was to be around so many great sneakers.

First, Enzo and Cass glanced at some of the joint’s most expensive kicks, which cost more than some people’s yearly salaries. The most expensive shoe there was the Carhartt Eminem Jordan 4s, which would set you back a cool $30,000 (!!). Next up was the Wu-Tang Nike Dunks, which are especially close to Amore’s heart considering his obsession with the group. Even on his bona fide stud levels, Enzo would have a tough time convincing himself to drop the 20 Gs that would be required to lace up those in a WWE ring.

Later, Enzo showed us some of his own collection, including each pair of Jordans he has worn to each NXT: TakeOver event, and each pair he’s worn since he has debuted on the main roster. According to Enzo, he’s rocked a different pair of Jordans every time he’s been on TV, so you know his collection must run pretty deep.

The question remains, what will Enzo be sporting when he and Cass face off against Y2KO at SummerSlam this Sunday? Considering it’s likely the biggest stage Enzo has ever wrestled on, you know he’s saving something special for it, and we’ll just have to wait until Sunday to find out what it is.