Eva Marie Has Officially Parted Ways With WWE

Some days, it is very hard to have to bring you the news. This is one of those days. It should be no secret to regular With Spandex readers that we very much love Total Divas around these parts, and by extension, we very very very much love Eva Marie, her loving husband Jonathan, and Jonathan’s deep-V shirts, which contain the deepest Vs known to man.

We first got wind of Eva Marie and WWE being done with each other way back in March, but as the reports indicated at the time, her contract lasted until August. She hadn’t appeared on non-TD WWE television since last August, when she was suspended for a Wellness Policy violation. She took additional time off to film a movie with Nicolas Cage, and then … just kept taking time off. Her suspension (and Paige’s suspensions) resulted in a very strange sixth season of Total Divas, where Eva made the most anticlimactic and awkward reality show exit of all time.

Well, our long national nightmare has officially begun, but at least the anticipation is over. On Friday, Eva Marie announced via Twitter that her and WWE are now splitsville for real.

She later offered a more complete statement on Instagram:

And WWE.com posted an official statement, wishing her luck in her future endeavors after the two parties mutually agreed to part ways

Eva Marie will continue her many outside ventures, which include a clothing line and of course her acting career. But this is a true loss for WWE and for professional wrestling in general, as she generated a crowd reaction like few in the business can these days. You would think that sort of thing is invaluable (because it is), but here we are: she’s gone.

We will mourn you forever, Eva Marie. Best of luck in your future endeavors.