Even Kathie Lee And Hoda Had No Idea What They Were Doing On Raw

If you were wondering why this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw devoted an entire segment to Adam Rose hanging out with borderline drunk Today Show personalities Kathie Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb in the name of “breast cancer awareness” (when it was just two ladies drinking wine, stumbling around, and smashing wine bottles over one another’s asses), you aren’t alone. The people in the segment didn’t understand it.

“It was exhilarating in a weird way,” Hoda said Tuesday morning. “What were we doing there?”

Because the pain of this memory must live forever, Kathie Lee and Hoda wore their robes on Tuesday’s edition of Today and discussed WWE’s “raucous, circus atmosphere” and “sweetest, gentlest giants.” Today.com has an exhaustive recap (and tons of GIFs, because Kathie Lee’s a GIFFORD), and sorta-in-context quotes like this:

The crowd welcomed the ladies like they do the other guests: with resounding boos.

“I’d never been so happy to be booed in my life!” Hoda exclaimed.

(Nobody tell them that the WWE Universe LIKES some of the guests, they just boo most of them because most of them are garbage. When Shaq or the Muppets are on, they get cheered. When people like NeNe Leakes show up? Those are your “other guests” boos.)

Anyway, enjoy the lady lemon party.

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