WWE Evolution Could Have Been Amazing, But WWE Still Needs To Evolve

10.26.18 9 months ago 40 Comments


When WWE Evolution was announced, I was excited. A lot of people were. This really did feel like the culmination of something that started with Emma and Paige and the Four Horsewomen in NXT. Sure, Stephanie McMahon was in the ring making herself the center of attention, but how else were they going to announce a women-only PPV?

The thing is, I’ve been frustrated for a while (at least since the signings that came with the first Mae Young Classic) that WWE is building this giant pool of female talent, but giving them nowhere to go. Sure, they’ve progressed to sometimes having two or even three women’s segments on Raw and SmackDown, but that’s not a lot when you have such a full division. There’s the top of the women’s card (Nikki B, Ronda, Becky, Charlotte, Alexa), then there are the midcarders who could easily be at the top and have been before (Asuka, Naomi, Bayley, Sasha), plus the sort of permanent undercard (Mickie, Foxy, Dana, etc), and then the promising newer women who are still waiting their turn (Ember, Riott Squad, IIconics, etc). Underneath that are the women at the top of NXT (Shayna, Kairi, Nikki C) who are waiting to get called up, and then all the other NXT women who are still working toward getting to the top of that division. That’s a vast amount of talented women that you’re trying to eventually channel onto Raw or Smackdown, but you’re not making any room for them there.

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