Ex-ska-lent News! Sami Zayn Is Cleared To Compete At NXT Takeover: Unstoppable

The situation surrounding Sami Zayn’s shoulder has been a confusing one to say the least. He seemingly injured his right shoulder during his big Raw debut against John Cena, but it played so well into the match that it seemed like a work. It turns out that it wasn’t; Zayn was legitimately hurt, but WWE continued to build his NXT title rematch against Kevin Owens. As recently as this Monday’s Raw, John Cena was referencing his injured shoulder, so what the hell was going on? Was WWE planning a bait-and-switch? Was Zayn going to come out in a plaid shirt and Daniel Bryan us?

Thankfully, that won’t be the case. Triple H recently held an NXT conference call, during which he confirmed Sami Zayn is healthy and medically cleared to compete at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable. Zayn had been suffering from shoulder problems earlier in the year, and he almost felt his arm pop out while hyping up the crowd before his match with Cena. The injury wasn’t serious, but the fact that something serious almost happened while doing something so simple sent up alarm bells, so WWE gave Zayn some time off to recuperate.

So, Sami Zayn fans have something to celebrate! Or at least we do for the next day or so before Kevin Owens crushes our dreams again.

via Wrestling Inc.