EXCLUSIVE: Let’s Get Creepy With The Final ‘Meet Me There’ Trailer

It seems like just yesterday that I was donating to the Indiegogo campaign for Meet Me There.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, Meet Me There is the movie starring Dustin “Goldust” Runnels and written by our very own Brandon Stroud, who is currently in Florida watching Kevin Owens destroy fools at a fresh round of NXT tapings.  But I digress – I was saying that this has been a long time coming, and it’s resulted in some very cool moments, even for a guy like me who just threw in some money because I believed in the dream.  Never did I think I’d be at the WORLD PREMIERE of a movie at WrestleMania weekend, shaking hands with Goldust and nearly colliding with Dusty By-God Rhodes in line for the theater bathroom.

With all that said, I invite you to feast your eyes on the final trailer for Meet Me There, complete with shiny review quotes and film festival accolades. Check it out!

Meet Me There will be headed to DVD, Blu-Ray, and on-demand early next year.  However, if you’re still looking to catch it on the big screen, then I suggest you drive/fly/hitchhike to Austin on January 21.  That’ll be your last chance!  Real talk: I cannot even begin to describe what a satisfying experience this movie was.  This isn’t just “my friend wrote a movie” hype, it’s “my friend wrote a REALLY GOOD movie” hype.  If you’ve supported this film in any way, I’m sure I speak on behalf of the cast and crew when I say “Thank you.”  All we ask in return is that you stuff the ballot box for the 2015 Slammys and get Goldust that Best Actor award he so richly deserves.