Fall In Love With ‘Rusev Have Crush’ And 18 Other Wonderful WWE Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Wrestling is typically known for brutality, but sometimes love can blossom inside the squared circle. The wonderful and talented Lindsey has put together an amazing collection of Valentines for the pro graps fans out there (and because you’re reading this on With Spandex, you’re probably a wrestling fan).

Ideal use: for when you love someone, but want to set them free

Ideal use: for when you plan on getting weirdly jealous that your Valentine is receiving cards from other people

Ideal use: when your gift is five pounds of glitter

Ideal use: when you are so in love, you have half the brain you normally do

Ideal use: when you finish in 18 seconds

Ideal use: when you are literally the best couple, and only weird idiots and dorks talk sh*t about you

Ideal use: you’re into weird puzzle sh*t

Ideal use: your relationship is built on drug supply and demand

Ideal use: your threesome broke up

Ideal use: it’s a no-pants relationship

Ideal use: you are into cosplay, but only once a year

Ideal use: when you’re all paid up on rent for your Valentine’s love

Ideal use: at least one article of clothing has your Valentine’s face airbrushed onto it

Ideal use: for when your last relationship fell apart right after you achieved everything you ever wanted

Ideal use: for when you can’t tell your Valentine apart from their doppelganger sibling

Ideal use: you switch from being a couple to broken up roughly once a week

Ideal use: you still can’t seal the deal and get the big one

Ideal use: you put older couples to shame

Ideal use: your secret move is the Mountain Dew spit claw

Again, those are all amazing, and Lindsey is wonderfully talented. Hopefully we’ll get more fantastic wrestling Valentine’s Day cards next year!