Finn Balor Returned The Favor By Impersonating Bayley’s Entrance At An NXT House Show

NXT finished up its most recent tour on Saturday night in Albany, and as someone who was in attendance, I can confirm that it was a great time.

The main event of the evening saw Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe team up to face off against Austin Aries and NXT Champion Finn Balor, and although Balor appeared to be a little banged up still from his ankle injury (or maybe he was just selling really well, I don’t want to pretend like I know for sure) he managed to finish the match and send the fans home happy.

After the match, though, was the best moment of the night. You’ve likely seen the video of NXT Women’s Champion Bayley absolutely nailing Finn’s entrance at a show a few weeks ago. Now, it was Balor’s time to return the favor.

Balor cut a promo introducing Aries to the fans and thanking some of his NXT brethren like Sami Zayn, Enzo Amore, and Colin Cassady for making the brand what it is today. But Balor said there was one person he had to thank above all, and after teasing the crowd for a bit, that person turned out to be Bayley. Or more specifically, himself cosplaying as Bayley.

Complete with the “I’m a Hugger” shirt, streamers, and even the giant inflatable, arm-flailing tube men, Balor proved once again that he is the best by doing the complete entrance of the women’s champ all the way down to the details like hugging children and hi-fiving the crowd.   To top it all off, he closed out the promo by saying “Balor 316 says I just hugged your ass!”

I know they may have significant others, but there really needs to be some way for these two to make adorable, genetically superior wrestling babies together.