Finn Bálor Came To The Rescue After An Adorable Young Fan Had Trouble Asking Him A Question

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01.09.17 6 Comments

Were you somehow under the impression that Finn Bálor wasn’t the nicest damn dude in all of professional wrestling, then man alive, will the above video set you straight. At Sunday’s Wizard World comic con in New Orleans, little five-year-old Logan (a Finn superfan (superFinn?), in case you couldn’t tell by the full costume) was overcome by emotion when he tried to ask his hero a question. We can relate. Luckily, Finn swooped down to carry the boy up to the dais with him and get his question asked and answered. Yes, we are swooning.

The Demon King (nicest Demon King in the biz) assured young Logan that if he could pick him up with ease, his shoulder was well on the mend. He then reiterated his talking point that he’s on track to return by WrestleMania 33.

We cannot confirm reports that Finn and Logan then went backstage and worked on Lego sets while feasting on milk and cookies, but that’s probably just the general sensation of being around Bálor. God bless you, you glorious Irish prince of kindness.

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